I am so grateful to these mentors. Their leadership has been a great example to me and has helped me grow. I would not be where I am today without them.

Bill Devincenzi

Bill DeVincenzi

Executive in Residence at SJSU, former CFO and Group Controller of Varian

In 1998, Bill taught me managerial accounting when I pursued my undergraduate degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems at SJSU.  I surprised him in several ways and he hired me to be his teaching assistant after I passed his class with perfect scores in all of his quizzes and exams.

Bill’s class was one of the most memorable classes as he used to work as CFO and corporate controller before he started his teaching career.  Bill emphasized business ethics and encouraged all students to keep that in mind before we joined the workforce.  Bill devoted the past 20 years to teaching honors programs at SJSU and raised many finance / accounting professionals in Silicon Valley.  I continue to reach out to him for coaching.

In addition, Bill is a very good racquetball player.  We played against each other 20 years ago and recently he still won a couple of games when we played at City Sport gym at San Jose. Bill set the tone for my accounting and finance career at the very beginning of my American Dream.  I was determined to be like him, to live an ethical and honorable life and to do something good and useful to make a difference in this world.

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

U.S.A. National Racquetball Team Coach for 12 years

I first met Dave was at a racquetball tournament about 10 years ago.  We struck up an immediate affinity, and we have actively continued our friendship to the present day.  Dave and his son John Ellis both coached me how to play better racquetball.  In addition, Dave and I played mixed doubles together in several racquetball tournaments at the “A” level and even won at least two of them.

At my wedding to Owen, Dave conducted the ceremony with his wife Pat together.  After that, we have had lots of stimulating discussions on a great variety of subjects and Dave continues to provide tips to both Owen and I so we can play better.  Dave and Pat devoted the past 20 years or more to the racquetball community.  Dave has been the key person who has nurtured countless junior champions at State, National, and International levels.  Dave has created a phenomenon for the City of Stockton, California where most of the world famous junior champions were raised by the Ellis family.  Dave has been the USA National Racquetball Team Coach for the past 15 years.  He is truly an inspiration to all the players around the world.

Andy Hinton

Andy Hinton

Chief Compliance Officer at Google

I first got to know Andy was through BECA (Bay Area Ethics and Compliance Association) event when he was a guest speaker and a promoter for helping the compliance community build data analytics.  Andy is a frequent speaker at SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics) and I have had the opportunities in learning from him at least twice during his presentation of case studies.

Over the past two years, I reached out to Andy for career advice and general discussions, Andy was very generous with his time and his own network by referring me to some of his trusted business partners.  Andy does not have any ego and he has endless wisdom in critical thinking and non-conventional problem solving approach. I think of Andy when I run into a difficult situation and I ask myself what Andy would do if Andy faced this issue…I am very blessed for having the opportunity to get to know Andy and learn from him.

Ed Pitts

Ed Pitts

Former VP and Director of Internal Audit

I encountered three difficult career changes during my recent 10-year career in working for Cisco, Oracle, and now on my own. Ed has always been there for me. Given his 30+ years of Internal Audit Executive experience in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, he has been a great source of advice for me and I have been very fortunate to benefit from what he has learned in his successful career.

Ed served as a board member at the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) San Jose Chapter for 14 years and he has been a well-known member of the Research Foundation Board of Trustees for the global IIA to build and promote resources and publications to empower and serve auditors around the world. I don’t know what I can do for Ed in return as he never asks for anything from me. I feel the best way to reward his investment in me is to invest in others and to make a difference in other people’s lives and careers.

Kimberly Roush

Kimberly Roush

Executive Coach, former national partner at KPMG

Kimberly coached me in both private and public (team) settings when I was going through a critical transition: from a full-time employee at Corporate America to a consultant.  Kimberly taught me how to think “Big”.  With her encouragement, I came up with my “Big” statement: “When I’m big, I’m the dragon with lipstick and high heels!”  She video-taped it so I can listen to it in case I forget to be Big and being Big.

Kimberly was KPMG national partner for over 10 years and a senior manager for PWC over 12 years.  Kimberly has been coaching people throughout her public accounting career.  She never stopped learning and continued to pursue certifications after she retired from Big 4 firms: She is a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CTI), Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Professional Keynote Speaker and Facilitator.  Kimberly inspired me to go back to school to learn new skills so that I can better serve my clients.  Currently I’m pursuing the one-year certification program “Database and Data Analytics” at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension.